You know that feeling you get when you make a brilliant and clever decision for yourself?

A decision that that you reflect upon with a smile and a sneaky pat on the back?

Well enrolling at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a qualified Health Coach is one of those shiny, wonderful gems of a decision that I’ve made in my 26 (and a half) years of life.

I am absolutely loving the course. Macrobiotics, raw food, veganism vs animal products, grains, super foods and carbohydrates, self care, relationships and spirituality.

I thrive on this stuff. I feel like every lecture was written just for me. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but that’s what so brilliant about it all. I’ll be able to guide people to live to their full potential and achieve absolute health and happiness – even if their thang ain’t studying a mountain of dietary theories. Awesome.

So tell me, have you ever heard of food energetics?

Well, you know the saying you are what you eat? Food energetics looks at food BEYOND vitamins, minerals and calories and instead focuses on the way food imposes different effects in our bodies and corrects internal imbalances. The qualities and temperaments that food holds.

How it makes us feel.

Picking up what I’m putting down?

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