If there’s a lady that embodies the essence and truth behind what this segment is all about – women who are leading with heart, working hard from a a soul-centred space to bring fruition to their mission – it’s Natalie Kringoudis.

As a Natural Fertility Educator, Acupuncturist, Author and Speaker, Nat has without a doubt positively – and drastically – influenced the shape of my life and health over the past year or so. Initially her blog inspired me to discontinue the contraceptive pill and then provided a wealth of information and support when things didn’t quite go as planned.

And it’s not just me – through her blog, business, books, live events and online programs, Nat’s leading a whole new generation of women who are choosing nourishing, natural wellness and fertile health over modern medicine’s obsession with over-medication and gently reminding us our bodies are savvier, smarter and stronger than we often give them credit for. Yep, trail-blazer.

In person, she’s a delight! Crazy amounts of energy and enthusiasm – and such a babe. I was honoured to share my story with Nat on her site in a video interview recently and I’m bloody thrilled to have her gorgeous face on my blog today. Enjoy!

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