What comes to mind when I think of Rachel MacDonald? I’ll start with warmth, generosity, radiance and joy. Succulents and flower crowns. An enormous grin. Visual finesse and writing prowess. Passion and purpose, love and desire, truth, freedom, gratitude and fire – in the belly. Life lovin’ seriously cranked up a notch or two (or ten).

Rach has soul. Damn, every cell in her body must vibrate to the rhythm of life. Anyone who has ever popped their head in over at In Spaces Between, Rach’s extraordinarily inspiring (and ridiculously successful) blog, will attest to her enthusiasm and unwavering conviction to live a big, beautiful life – and her ability to encourage others to do the same!

I’ve been an In Spaces Between-er for a long time and recently started blog/biz/life coaching with Rach too – which has been nothing short of exceptional. Rach lifts you up. She opens doors and melts your heart and stirs your soul and gently reminds you that life is a magical place and you my darling, you are an exquisite human. And who doesn’t like to be reminded of that?

It is of monumental excitement today that I bring you one of the most influential people in my life thus far (although really, the journey has only just begun – yes!), the brilliant and beautiful, Rachel MacDonald.

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