One of my biggest gripes is when friends and family assume that following me on Instagram or Facebook is ‘keeping in touch’. It so isn’t and it annoys the crap out of me. Until I realised, I do exactly the same thing.

I’ll be honest: social media makes me a lazy friend/sibling/daughter. I don’t call home as much. I send HB! comments instead of calling my friends on their birthday. I don’t really to the extra mile to ‘stay connected’ – Facebook just makes it so easy, right?

Only three years ago – before I owned a smart phone – life felt different. When I was travelling with my mates, lounging with loved ones or simply eating my lunch, the thoughts ‘ooohh let’s take a pic to share on Insty’, or ‘ahhhh we’re all together, I’ll check us in!’, or ‘I wonder how many likes that photo has now…’ weren’t even apart of my mental playlist. My old ‘brick phone’ couldn’t even take photos, let alone come equipped with Apps that keep me connected, wired and (let’s be honest) addicted.

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