Elegant, eloquent truth. Passionate, purpose-soaked prose that gets under your skin and sends a tingle down your spine. Luscious, no? I think yes.

If you’re a devotee of the aforementioned style of writing (and you’re here, so I believe you are), then my friend, I have something veerrryyyyy special for you today. Meet Jasmine Matthews.

Jasmine is a holistic health coach who specialises in nutritional and energetic healing over at Simply Replenished. She’s also a Mama and a creator and a wonderful human being. I have had the honour of contributing to and participating in Jasmine’s online seasonal cleanses and let me tell you, they (and she) are magic. Hearing her delightful New Zealand accent on her educational audios never fails to make me smile!

Know this: Jasmine’s fervour for science is inextricably linked with her belief in a higher power; this woman has an undeniable desire to serve, to evolve, to seek. I’m so damn thrilled to have her sharing on the blog today. Do enjoy.

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