It’s been a month since I last updated The Gratitude Files and what a month it has been. I’ve officially moved to Perth, as in I now have my own room, my clothes are hanging in a wardrobe and I’m job hunting like a crazy person.

There’s been a lot of uncertainty, excitement, confusion and sadness in the past few weeks. My brother has made some amazing steps forward in his recovery but we’ve also received the news we aren’t able to transfer him to Melbourne, so Western Australia is home for now. Which is totally cool.

My parents and I agree however that the last fortnight has been the hardest since the first month after his accident. He spoke his first word in 5 months the other day. He also turned 24 the other day. The ups and downs of the emotional roller coaster continue.

The future is a scary place sometimes. So I’ve been choosing to stay present. Whenever, wherever, presence. It brings me back into the now, back into love and back into gratitude.

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