I. Am. So. Freakin. Excited. Today is the day I finally get to share this interview (with a twist) with you!

Madeleine Mary is the designer and magic-maker behind The Dream Machine, a branding hub of creativity and intelligent strategy that aims to build and support ground breaking brands. And dreams.

She’s also an extremely awesome, kind and well travelled human. Madeleine learnt to walk on a fishing boat, married the love of her life on a blue moon in 2012, photographed the snowy peaks of Whistler for 2 years and has travelled to 21 countries, snowboarded in 4 and volcanoboarded in 1 (which apparently, yes, is a real thing!), all of which impressed the socks off of me.

It is hugely evident from Mads’ site and blog that the work she does in the world truly stirs her soul; her authentic passion for art, innovation and dream-realisation is simply wonderful.

I sent Madeleine these questions a little while ago and was absolutely thrilled/delighted/blown away when she emailed me back a video. I LOVE nothing more than mixing things up a bit with some originality and forward thinking, so this made my heart SING!

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