I first stumbled upon Michelle Marie McGrath’s website Sacred Self about a year ago and quickly downloaded, printed off and devoured her eBook 7 Ways to Love Yourself with glee and an open mind. The whole self love fiasco was new to me and I was trying to figure out what it all meant. I desperately wanted to know how to positively strengthen my relationship with myself and Michelle’s ideas, passion and total devotion to self love and loving action was the perfect workbook to accompany me as I navigated my way through the sea of self love by introducing various way I could incorporate loving practices into my every day life. So wonderful.

This was all long before I enrolled in B-School and Michelle became a fellow B-Schooler pal. From here, we’ve connected online and I have had the pleasure of experiencing her incredible alchemical oils firsthand and let me tell you, they are sublime. A truly magical product that has now become a daily essential! You seriously need these in your life.

This beautiful woman truly radiates and oozes warmth and love and I am so excited to introduce you all to her today.

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