I had the pleasure of sitting next to the beautiful Lauren Glucina almost a year ago at the Bupa Health Influencer Blog Awards and I knew who she was right away. I had drooled over Lauren’s gorgeous, unique and intricate recipes on her site Ascension Kitchen for some time. I’d fallen in love with Lauren’s keen eye for aesthetics, beauty and design as well as her passion for a gentle, kind road to food, wellness, health and healing.

It’s no secret that I adore anybody who can seamlessly merge their multi-passions into their work with so much love and desire to embody their true selves in everything they do. Lauren has nailed this as a holistic health and wellness coach, certified raw chef and herbalist-in-the-making, while also being responsible for some of the most interesting and beautiful food photography I’ve ever seen, not to mention the exceptionally creative design of her blog, eBook, newly released app and social media channels. She’s a true gem.

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