Some things just don’t go quite according to plan. You can have the best intentions in the world, make as many declarations to The Universe or God or your next door neighbour as you like and it can still explode in your face like a shaken up bottle of kombucha.

I have a confession to make.

I ahhhhh, kinda broke my cleanse. Bugger.

So what the hell happened?

Well I started on a high on Thursday with lots of juicing, raw salads, roasted veggies, herbal tea and yoga. I had a huge emotional release at yoga (aka balled my eyes out) and meditated under the full moon (like a proper hippie) to completely let go of some old baggage. I’ll write more about this experience soon.

Friday was a winner too. I got to 6am yoga before work and replaced my standard Friday evening red wine and chocolate with herbal tea and raw cacao pudding. (Fist pump!) I’ve been reading and journalling and still haven’t checked instagram, Facebook or my emails on my phone. Great.

But I’m pretty sure that the glass of wine I had Saturday night and the mushroom and bacon risotto (with extra parmesan) I had for dinner last night, followed by a few rows of dark chocolate weren’t exactly in my cleanse plan.

Nothing that’s going to kill me sure, but being the curious being I am, I have to wonder WHY it is exactly I diverted from my initial intention to avoid the nasties for a week. Why did I resort to comfort eating?

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