My womaness is missing.

This is a common theme I have recently encountered from a number of people who I work with at Left of Centre Therapies and is a common discussion amongst friends too. Maybe not in these exact words, but the theme is there.

With all the caring, protecting, providing, responsibility, communication, support etc, that is required in every day life, have we lost our womaness?

So where does this stem from?

Women have grown over the centuries, from primarily ‘gatherer’ to ‘everything…er’. As we move ever closer toward gender equality (I am not discriminating here but will stay focussed on the topic), we have taken on the role of hunter, protector and provider while continuing the role of nurturer, gatherer and carer.

With all of this responsibility, where do we find the space to be that juicy woman? Perhaps we are living the reality of what was so passionately fought for in the 60/70s, but with all that taking on, have we let anything go?

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