Radiance starts from within and as our skin is our largest organ, it’s a fabulous messenger for what is – and isn’t – working for our insides. My skin will always let me know (with a jolly big breakout), when I haven’t had enough sleep or I’ve eaten too much sugar. Most of the time however, my skin is perfect. And that sentence still brings a smile to my face!

Alright, so you’ve got perfect skin. What do you know about adult acne then?

You see, I battled with acne for over 13 years. That’s nearly half my lifetime. Ouch. So believe me when I say, I understand the frustration, obsession and negative self image that acne – mild, moderate or severe – brings about.

From my early teens and right into my mid-twenties, I’d taken every pill under the sun and tried every topical cream you can buy. I’d seen dermatologists, filled piles of prescriptions and ingested a myriad of chemical concoctions in the hope of waking up with clear skin.

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