Today’s guest post comes to you from Rhiannon Griffiths of, an acupuncturist and Five Element Wellness Coach. She is passionate about Chinese Medicine, and making it relevant to the modern woman. She is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, part of BBC Radio’s team of health experts, and has featured in national magazines including Women’s Fitness, Top Sante, Zest, Reveal & OK Magazine. You can connect with Rhiannon and learn more about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture on her wonderful blog here.

Many of us recently celebrated the Solstice, the Winter one if you reside in the Southern Hemisphere, and the (supposed!) Summer one in the Northern Hemisphere – the perfect representation of the simultaneous celebration of the cool, watery, dark Yin, and the hot, fiery, bright Yang within the energy of the world. The beauty of guest posting for the beautiful Claire means I can write about connecting in with the energy of the seasons for both sides of the world – if you are heading in to Summer, there’s one for you over on my blog.

I often write about the Water Element, as Water is my constitutional element (or CF), but Winter is the season of the Water Element, and it is important to connect in with this energy now, at its most potent, whatever your own Element is.

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