I’m all for sharing experiences and moments with the world. And for me these days, that tends to be via this blog or my newsletter or social media. But when status updates and iPhone snaps don’t quite cut it, there’s a soft spot in my heart for painting and pasting and cutting and playing. For writing poems and taking photos on film and waiting days for them to be developed.

As Winter draws near and the days grow cold, I’ve switched up my routine to reflect the change in my sleeping patterns. Hence, my daily morning sweat has become an evening affair and I’m loving it. Normally one to walk with my earphones in (#podcastjunkie) I’ve recently taken to walking in silence. It seems one notices – and pays attention – much more this way.

And it was a few weeks ago (just after the April new moon) when I took my pup to the park to play as the sun fell. The sky quickly turned a lilac pinky-purple-y colour that no iPhone could ever capture – even with an awesome Instagram filter! The trees looked haunted and eery, but quite majestic at the same time. An owl flew above us. The air was crisp, cold, chilling. Music drifted in from the houses we strolled along and the scent of home cooking tantalised the air.

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