You know those moments when you go oooohhhh I see, I get it now. 

I love and live for those moments. Staying forever curious about life and yourself is an infinite source of fascination and enlightenment. 

Basically, I dig it when I figure something new out about myself. I love working out why I do (or don’t do) certain things and why I think the way I do. And when a shiny, bright lightbulb goes off in my head, I have just gotta share that shit around.

Which is why I have created this video for you below. I had a BIG realisation last week at the Self Love & Sisterhood event in Melbourne, listening to women whom I admire so much, speak about why it is they do what they do. Telling their story; their journey from FEAR to LOVE.

And their raw honesty made me realise that hey – I’ve been telling my story all wrong.

Yeah OK, I healed my body of severe liver inflammation a few years back through a natural, healthy diet and holistic healing practices when all Doctors could offer me was a life sentence of biopsies and steroids. And that is truly an amazing story.

But it didn’t create an instant shift in my thinking (I hated it for a loooong time) and it’s not the reason why I live my life the way I do today.

Because for a long time I lived in a place of fear.

Drinking vegetable juice because I worried that I would get sick again. Running 10km because I feared I would put on weight. Going to the gym because I should do it. Holding onto attitudes which can encourage self destructive behaviours such as bingeing, crash dieting and weight obsession. Guilty as charged.


But how about coming from a place of love? Choosing to eat organic, fresh food because you love yourself. Choosing to exercise, meditate and have fun because you love how it makes your body feel. Choosing love. However, I totally understand that this doesn’t happen overnight…

Anyway – I’ll let the video explain the rest. And please let me know how you go with the exercise I suggest to increase your self love. I’ll be doing it too!


 I hope you enjoyed my first ever VLOG – If you feel the love over fear message really resonates with you too, please share this around!