It has been way too long between The Gratitude Files posts, I know! Every time I go to write one, I feel like there are so many things to catch up on/tell you about, that I get totally overwhelmed and it just doesn’t happen. So I’m just going to shine light on two things on my geez life is awesome list right now. (And I promise a more regular update!)


My Day Job

While I’ve been studying at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition this past year and building my coaching practice, I’ve also been working part time. Leaving the 9-5 grind at the start of 2013 was imperative to my ability to fully commit to study and nurturing my baby-business, but I couldn’t have survived this past year if it weren’t for my ‘day job’, and for it, I am incredibly grateful.

A few months ago, I was feeling so resentful to the days I spent at this job, wishing I was at home instead, tapping away at my keyboard or coaching clients.

But I chose to shift that mindset, quick smart. And slowly, as my business has grown, I have transitioned down from 4 days, to 3 days and from next month I will be down to 2 days a week. Yeah!

I work with an amazing bunch of girls who I adore (we have a monthly wine-drinking book club – winning), I am forced to get out of the house a few days a week (anyone who works from home will be nodding their head right now), and it keeps me connected to the real world, talking to people in the flesh – something that I crave some days, working primarily online.


I know the time will come when I’m ready to leave, take the plunge and spread my entrepreneurial wings on my own and I eagerly look forward to that day. But in this moment, I send a bucketload of gratitude to this job, to the chicks I get to chat with and the flexibility and support it has provided me.

I also know that for good things to come into our lives, we need to be grateful for what we have now. Hating your job? Pour love into it. Need a new car? How can you be grateful for the one you do have, shitty steering and all? It’s all about perspective and a willingness to accept what is. 

NOTE: Dropping down to 2 days a week at my part time job means I’m opening up a full day of coaching in my calendar! I have 5 spots available in March, so if you’d like to work with me, drop me a line ASAP!


My Boyf. And being single.

After two years of amazing, enlightening, SOUL SERVING singledom, I’ve ventured back into the world of sharing my days (and doona) with a boy.

And it’s awesome! (See below excitement on Instagram hehe).

boyf_this is lifeblood

Get this.

He is the complete opposite of who I presumed my next boyfriend was going to be. I’d imagined some spirit-seeking, bearded babe, who would sweep me away on his yoga mat and drink green smoothies with me, whilst creating vision boards together.

Ha! So wrong. But who the hell wants to date a boy (or girl) version of themselves? Not I, my friends. Not I.

But I’ve realised, that while I’m talking about presence, he’s actually living in the moment. When I’m forcing myself to let go, he’s been there and done that. While I’m at yoga, he’s in the ocean surfing – his own style of meditation. He’s so damn chilled!


But I needed (needed!) the past couple of years of navigating life on my own. I needed time and space. I needed the shitty dates, the guys who it just didn’t quite work out with, the splatterings of solo travel and backpacking with my girlfriends, the freedom to live where I want (and eat what I want!), to study and grow and figure out who I am – and what I really desire, from my – to quote Mary Oliver – ‘one wild and precious life.’

I had actually become genuinely afraid that I’d come to enjoy my own space and freedom so much, there was possibly no room for anyone else. How could anyone add anything more to my life, when it already felt so full, so whole?

But I’ve realised, we aren’t here to complete one another. We’re not broken, we don’t need fixing and we certainly do not need someone else to fill our so-called gaps. We are whole. And I want to be with someone who too, is whole. Way, way more awesome.

Moral of the story? Muchos gratitude here for both new sexy boyf and singledom.


OK. There’s a couple of things I just can’t press publish on this post without mentioning. 

  • Incredibly ecstatic over the response and positive feedback for my first ever eBook Get Unstuck. Blown away, really! If you haven’t grabbed your FREE copy yet – and I’d love for you to – you can do so right here.
  • I’m actually typing this post while sitting in a cute, surfer cafe in Bingin, Bali. Slurping on a blueberry and mango smoothie and eating banana pancakes. Bingin is one of the most beautiful places I have ever travelled to – yet strangely quiet and secluded. Perfect. If that’s not something to send gigantic serves of gratitude to, then I don’t know what is.
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Tell me, tell me! What is buzzing high on your gratitude list this week? What are you ecstatic about, busting to share with the world? Let’s amp up this space up with thrilled, overflowing thank you’s!