I don’t want to jinx myself, but lately, everything has felt smooth, light, easy and peaceful. I’ve been so high on delirious happiness it’s as if I’ve been smoking something green that starts with M and rhymes with arrawana all week.

The word overwhelm has been (for now) eliminated from my vocabulary and I’m pretty bloody happy about it.

Sure, shit has still hit the fan at times (unexpected bills, influx of visitors, boys who don’t write back to texts, designing and creating my coaching packages, doing my tax, Pay Pal, ABNS, etc. etc.) but I feel like I’m really learning to let that stuff go. I’m learning to lean into the flow of life, letting it carry me, rather than drag me along kicking and screaming.

So today I’d thought I’d share with you the two things that have had the biggest impact on this glorious state of being that I am currently experiencing.


The Power of Now

Power of Now

Well, this book has changed everything. Reading Eckhart Tolle’s words is like coming home – there’s a sense you already know (somewhere, somewhere) that what he’s saying is the truth, like deja vu or a flashback to an old, familiar dream.

It’s a dense and challenging book, yet easy and light (quite conversational even) at the same time. Simply put, Tolle urges us to be here now and live in the present moment. Until reading this book, I thought I knew what that meant. Tolle takes it to a whole new level; presence like you’ve never grasped it before.

Surrender, gratitude, the ego, space and time, meditation, observing your thoughts, truth, freedom, pain, suffering, forgiveness, relationships, religion, Chi, illness, menstruation (yep, didn’t see that one coming), addiction, death and creativity. It’s all there. Because it’s all here, now. In the present moment.

It’s cracked me open. It’s truly affected my day to day mindset. I’m finding myself catching the thinker in my head, watching my thoughts and observing them, not judging them. Creating more space. Breathing. Letting go. Recognising that the constant stream of I need to do this, pay this, what will I wear, what are they thinking, why did this happen, I can’t wait till this, what I am going to do etc. etc. is NOT me. I am not my thoughts. I am so much more. And so are you.

To realise deeply that the present moment is all you ever have, in this moment, right NOW – What is there to be stressed about, worried about? What is there to achieve even? Nothing, not really. Only by surrendering to what is (it is what it is, as my brother would say) can we find true inner peace and love.

I am so grateful this book has found its way into my life. Immediately upon reading the last page, I wanted to start it again. My sincerest recommendations.

Amy O’Brien & Acupuncture


Meet Amy O’Brien, the sweetest, coolest, cleverest and warmest lady I have ever let stick needles in me. An Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, tea-drinker and DIY lover, Amy has totally opened my eyes to the magical, healing world of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Meeting Amy was one of life’s rather obvious synchronicities (more like a smack in the face) as the amount of things we quickly realised we had in common was a bit ridiculous. Like, really ridiculous.

Together we’ve been working on my digestive health, stress relief and building my blood to address the health of my body post-contraceptive pill. Stress tension in my jaw? Gone. More energy? Tick. Less bloating? Absolutely. No periods as of yet, but I will write more on that soon. I’ve also learnt a helluva lot and thoroughly enjoy my fortnightly hour with Amy in her beautiful, healing space. Do check out her informative, beautiful website and blog if you’d like to learn more.

IMG_5213 IMG_5215 IMG_5216 IMG_5217 IMG_5218

I believe in holistic, integrative health and healing practices and I encourage the beautiful women I coach to regularly seek them out. Incorporating an hour (or two) for yourself into your routine, will do wonders for your physical, mental and emotional health. It certainly has for me. Total acupuncture convert!

In fact, to link it back to the Power of Now, Tolle talks about your inner body:

The feeling of your inner body is formless, limitless and unfathomable… Feel it from within. Is it alive? Is there life in your hands, arms, legs and feet – in your abdomen, your chest? Can you feel the subtle energy field that pervades the entire body and gives vibrant life to every organ and every cell?

This is how acupuncture feels to me. I feel the Chi, the flow of energy up and down my legs, my torso, my arms, chest, face and scalp. I truly can feel my inner body. Bliss, much?


I loved seeing what came up on #whatreallymatterstome on Instagram this week. It’s so beautiful to see people indulging in and sharing what really matters to them. The best! Keep ’em coming.


Gee it’s nice to reflect on the wonderful things in life. Tell me, what are you feeling grateful for this week?