Today’s guest post comes to you from Tania Veronese, a spiritual transformation coach and emotional eating specialist at Seed Of Freedom

tania veronese_soul wants to eat loveOur struggles with food can manifest in different ways, like not eating enough, bingeing late at night, feeling guilty about every calorie we ingest, eating to avoid feeling and so on. If this manifests for you, you are certainly not alone, with two-thirds of women suffering from disordered eating.

Any food struggle is a manifestation of fear, a fear-driven story of our ego that we have learnt along life’s journey, ultimately preventing us from living freely, as we sit in a space of disconnection from our true selves.

But, somewhere in amongst the chaotic eating behaviours, there’s that glimmer of light that shines through the darkness and there we feel her – freedom – a feeling that comes when we are reconnected with our soul, love – our true self. She lives inside of us, always has and always will.

It’s our job now, to shine a light on the food-fear and commit to coming home to that person we already are.

This is where any suffocation we feel around food right now, if we choose to see it this way, can be the greatest gift presented to us.


Because our food issues can lead us home – it’s our doorway in. Our food fear will pop up, day in and day out, showing us who we are not, so we can shine a light on the darkness and come home to who we truly are.

So in choosing to make transformational shifts and free ourselves from food, we embrace the essence of our entire journey home which is –

Choosing love over fear ~ Mastering a mindset of love

The only thing our soul wants to eat is love and that starts with a mindset of love. Here, thinking limitless thoughts of love, we are home in our truth, connected with soul, the eternal being of love that we were born as.

This path of cultivating a love-aligned mindset, also enables us to shift into a practice of self-love, a grounded awareness of who we are and where we are at with our food ‘stuff’, enabling us the strength to deflect external messages that can steer us in the fear direction again. From this space of self-love, we make a stand for our own love-filled journey with food, the one that serves us and only us, moment by moment.

This journey home to LOVE starts with:

+ Willingness, courage & honesty

A willingness to see that there is another way – the loving way – that we are the creator of our reality and that a mind full of food-fear is leading us to a world of self sabotaging emotions, behaviours and manifesting fear around us.

It takes a massive dose of courage and honesty to face our food-fears head on, especially when we are on the ‘health’ path, but through my own experience, there comes a turning point where our soul screams louder than that next juice cleanse, freedom becomes more important than all of it and the spiritual journey home to love, becomes number one priority.

+ Releasing those ego stories

Make the shift towards love, by ‘outing’ your food fears and meeting your ego head on.

At the end of today, in your journal, reflect on what fears came up for you around food today. Flow intuitively with your writing and do not think too hard about it. Trust what comes up is perfect. If your fears flow on the page through limiting emotions, or sabotaging behaviours that were present, pinpoint these, then ask yourself, ‘what was that emotion/behaviour about?’, to bring presence to the fear (thoughts/beliefs) that were sitting underneath.

Celebrate your commitment. Trust that love is shining through.

+ Choose love, a mindset of love

Now, flip those fears on their head, turning them into thoughts that are aligned with love instead. Write them out.

When you walk out the door tomorrow, make a commitment to yourself with the affirmation: I forgive myself for choosing fear. Today I choose love.

In those daily, limiting, moments with food, commit to turning that voice of fear into the voice of love, by directing your love-aligned thoughts into your psyche.

+ Commitment, repetition and leaning towards love

Moving from old, limiting fear-stories to limitless love-stories, is a daily commitment. It means doing the work and acknowledging that staying in the pain isn’t worth it. Daily practice allows us to lean towards love, love becoming the makeup of your mind, as the neural pathways adapt to the new you.

+ Forgiveness – our number one priority

Forgive yourself in this moment to moment journey. Forgive your thoughts, surrender them and reconnect with love in the next moment. Love is the only way to more love, so choosing fear – guilt, shame, judgement – towards ourselves, will lead us no-where but back to the self-loathing cycles all over. Yuck!


I can honestly sit here today and tell you that everything can turn around, transformation can happen and this food journey, by golly, is certainly one to cherish as our greatest gift.

It continues to be the one area of my life that takes constant commitment, with vigilance, willingness, honesty and a massive dose of self-loving forgiveness leading the way. Commitment and patience to embodying love as a way of being through spiritual awareness and practice, has been the key factor to my healing progress.

So, ever so gently, allow yourself lay your food fears out on the table, with commitment and that deeper knowing that love is the only way home.

Then, begin your lean towards love, with every food issue that presents to you. Keep your journal/notepad on hand as it will help you ‘out’ your fears and witness them. You are being presented these food-spiritual-assignments every day to help you grow into more of your truth.

Witness the fear without judgement
Surrender the fear and forgive your thoughts
Choose the loving perspective
Repeat + commit

Whether you are eating a sugar-laden chocolate brownie or an apple, trust and ~ choose love as the only way ~ to live a life that is truly free.

Here, choosing a mindset of love, we are connected with soul and our relationship with food simply flows, pleasure and peace encompasses our food journey and life is nourishing, radiant and free.

I’d love to send you some love.

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