I love to travel solo, and I believe that the topic of female solo travel is an important thing to consider when we’re talking about female sovereignty. (Spoiler: we’re not going to get all the way into that conversation today, but perhaps soon!)

My hostel and “woofing” days are long behind me though, and I’m ever-so grateful now for wooden hangers, a good kitchen, lots of space, light & quiet.

For me, it’s been one of the most wonderful things I’ve continued to devote to for 14 years. America, Asia, Europe, Australia, backpacking, hotel-ing, hiking, city living: I adore it all.

I’ve had unfortunate and scary encounters on past adventures, as well as life-altering, nourishing, “tell the grandkids” (or not?) encounters too. I know this is an area of both passion and curiosity for many of you! So I recently put the call out on Instagram to see what kinds of questions you had on the topic.

You asked me about safety, loneliness, working, budgeting, staying healthy, and more. It was a pleasure to answer your queries, and so here they are. My tips on how I travel solo! Got more q’s? Some tips or stories of your own? I’d love to hear them in the comments.



Here’s to women traveling solo, if that’s what feels good to you. And may you see the world with fresh eyes this weekend, wherever you are. Please share this post with a pal if you think they’d be into it!

All love,

Claire x



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