Today’s guest post comes to you from Amanda Moore of The Savoury Soul, a health, wellness and life coach, blogger, and yoga teacher on a mission to help people build their best lives. 

Do you remember the moment when everything changed? When one minute you were young and  carefree and living in the moment, then the next thing you knew you suddenly found yourself caught up in what others thought of you and your life, you started doing and saying things because you thought it would get you more friends or higher up the popularity totem pole?  That moment when you became aware of what others thought of you and you started to believe it to.

You began to create a story, one built on false tales and protective armour just so you can press on, blend in, and dim your light so others don’t notice all your so called faults.

You turn down the voice inside, losing trust in yourself and in others and start to feed on the pain and suffering that so easily feeds these stories. You lose your authenticity. You lose your sense of self. You lose your greatest love.

Do you ever wish that you could wave a magic wand and go back in time and tell your younger self all the things you’ve learned along the way?

Many of us go through life living the stories we’ve created from our past experiences as a protective shield. It’s comfortable, it’s what we’ve grown to know and in some ways, trust. Then, at some point you start to feel something within you shift. These stories, that armor, just don’t seem to fit anymore but we still hang on for dear life.

We look at our life and begin to ask questions, we want to uncover the truth but it all seems too overwhelming and too big to begin and we keep pressing on.

However, did you know that we can find our way back to the beauty of that carefree child? Learning who she is, what her greatest desires are, learn to love freely and with reckless abandon. And most importantly, we can learn to love and trust ourselves once again.

In doing so, we get to build the life we want.

We have the choice to break the cycle and it begins by acknowledging and comforting that inner child. I learned of a powerful way of doing so when I was seeing a therapist a few years ago to resolve some past hurts that were continuing to hold me back in several areas of my life. After talking with her, I realized that my sweet child self-had experienced some deep pains and was holding on to the stories she created for protection.

She told me to write a love letter to her. Writing the following letter allowed me to recognize the things I was holding on to, the areas that I needed to forgive and send compassion and love to, those areas that no longer served me. Doing so opened the door to a deeper connection with me, my greatest love.


It’s all a process. That’s why it’s called a journey but trust me beginning is one of the hardest parts. Taking that first step opens up so many incredible doors to a life that you deserve to have, to a rawness and authentic beauty that the world needs to see.

If certain patterns continue to show up in your life that have been with you for a long time and no longer serve you, I encourage you to write yourself a love letter.

Tell yourself everything you wish you knew as a child and need to hear now as an adult. Read that letter daily until you truly believe the words that are written.

Remember, taking that first step, acknowledging your inner child’s needs for the first time is the biggest gift you can give yourself.  Then continuing to do the work that will allow the armour to come off and you will be able to give yourself and the world the best gift: YOU.


Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 10.05.22 PMAmanda is a health + wellness + life coach, blogger, and yoga teacher on a mission to help people build their best lives. Through doing the powerful work of letting go of limiting beliefs, busting through fears and learning to love ourselves deeply we can all build the life we’ve always wanted and live our wildest dreams! Through carefully crafted one-on-one or group coaching sessions, Amanda empowers her clients to reach big, dig deep, dissolve what’s holding them back and live their best life imaginable. 

You can find Amanda at The Savoury Soul, where she shares her passion for self-love, self-exploration, vegan cooking and lifestyle and living a glowing, radiant life, inside and out. Follow her on facebook, twitter, pinterest and Instagram (amandamoore6)