Like every damn soul these days, I’m busy. I’m currently juggling a part-time job, study, my coaching biz, family commitments and of course, this blog. And I’m about to start my yoga teacher training (!!!) and begin writing an e-book. 

But we’re all busy aren’t we? We fill our lives with stuff to do, places to be, people to see, things to learn, grow, achieve and tick off the bucket list. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love my big, beautiful life full of passion, people, pursuits and presence.  

However, some days it can feel a little chaotic. 

Anxiety Creativity Quote

I spoke to a client recently about the juggling act of fitting it all in and avoiding overwhelm. Perspective and gratitude are key here. Look at it for what it is and be thankful for all you’ve attracted into your life. I’ve spoken before here about the looming To Do List and how important it is to tune in with how you want to feel in that moment, rather than let the seemingly never ending tasks and actionables consume you. 

And as happens, this morning I found myself in a similar predicament. After marking today in my diary as Study Day with a capital S, I sat down at my laptop this morning and felt seriously irked by the thought of listening to lectures or taking notes. Hmmmmmmm. 

How did I feel? Impatient, anxious and quite agitated to be honest. Chaotic. Couldn’t sit still. Heading to the pantry for snacks. Maybe another cup of tea. A few handstands. A quick run along the beach.

There was absolutely no study getting done. Zilch.

But I’d written it down! I’d even set my intention. TODAY was STUDY DAY!

And I had so much to do. 

Well, I got over that pretty quickly. I had chaotic energy to burn and for me, this means getting Creative with a capital C. 


What does creativity mean to you? When did you last feel creative? 

I am a firm believer that everybody is creative and has creative needs, tendencies and desires. 

For me, creativity is tangible and fun. It’s colour and self expression. It’s pen to paper, home decor, bright paints, cute clothes, cutting and pasting, kitchen time and imagination. 

So I whipped out my paints and got started on creating some art for my bedroom. I sat with my sister in the sun and watched my anxiety dissolve into the paint, each brushstroke releasing my resistance and leveraging my listlessness. 

We made homemade (sugar free) nutella, fresh spring rolls with chill tofu and baked a (surprisingly healthy) sticky date pudding to die for. I bought my favourite home decor mag and settled in for the evening to make the cool image you see above (you’ll be seeing more of this kind of stuff on my site more often – what do you think?) and paint my nails.

Joy oh joy, creative, blissful joy. 

Chaotic energy cured, overwhelm over.

And bonus! I’ve got new art for my walls, a full belly and stylin’ nails. 

Channel that chaos into creativity. Use your art to alleviate anxiety and inject your irritation with inspiration. [Click to tweet this!]


I’d love to know when you have you used your chaotic energy for something creative? Tell me in the comments and if you dug this post, please feel free to SHARE.