Meditation can be a confusing term. I was trying to work out what it really means to meditate this afternoon. So of course, I googled it. 

1: to train, calm, or empty the mind
2 : to engage in contemplation or reflection
3: to engage in devotional contemplation, especially prayer.
: to engage in mental exercise (as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness


Quite a few different definitions as you can see.

The first one? Not necessarily my cup of peppermint tea. 

The idea that meditating is ’emptying your mind’ is what stops a lot of people from meditating. It’s this fear that we are  ‘doing it wrong’ because emptying the mind of all thoughts is really, really tough. Try plonking your butt down for 10 minutes and think about NOTHING. I’d say 99% of the population would find that near impossible. 

The second definition? Sure, to meditate on something can be to contemplate, reflect and think something through. 

I definitely believe in the third definition. Prayer and meditation are a powerful duo. Like Beyonce and Jay-Z. Bill and Ted. In prayer, we ask for guidance and in meditation, we receive what we need to know. Fabulous stuff. 

But by far, my favourite definition (at the moment anyway) is the fourth. Focusing on your breath and engaging in really deep breathing is key.

And I LOVE using guided meditations, mantras and repetition to really get in the zone. Especially mantras and I like to make up my own. It’s fun. I find it so much more enjoyable than just sitting there trying to not think for 10 minutes. I make meditating in the morning a non-negotiable and just before bed optional. 

And since making the commitment to meditate for 10 minutes (at least) every single day, I’m far more present, connected, calm, generally happier with my lot and at ease.

So to up your spiritual awareness and ditch it with those stress levels, I’ve recorded a video for you, guiding you through the meditation mantra I’ve been using recently. I encourage you to give it a go tonight before you hit the hay or first thing tomorrow morning. Then report back. Press play!




I see my breath go in (breathe in)

I see my breath go out (breathe out)

I trust in the process of life (breathe in)

I release all fear (breathe out)

I am safe (breathe in)

I am loved (breathe out)


So gorgeous, what did you think of my meditation mantra? Is meditating something you swear by or are stumped over? 

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