You’re a storyteller, a communicator, a lover of self expression and the proud owner of a curious, creative heart. You know that when you feel good, you do great work in the world. Being out in nature and exploring the world inspires you, and you feel most like yourself when you’ve got pen to paper and the words are flowing freely.

But maybe your creative flow has felt a tad stuck or jumbled lately. Perhaps your inspiration tank has run a little dry. Of course, it’s completely possible that you are absolutely brimming with ideas – but the space and time to explore them has felt somewhat elusive.

Whether you’re a beginner, a blogger or a full-blown published author, this workshop series will invite you to take your writing practice to a new level, using the power of walking as our guide. 

I’d love to invite you to walk and write with me, together, on foot, through some of Perth’s most interesting and stunning areas.

Over four sessions, we’ll use the art of walking, the power of motion, writing prompts, shifts in perspective and individual and group work to develop your skills as a writer and bring a sense of enchantment to your creative life.

“Walking and writing have been so long entwined: the footprint is our original letter, and the path our earliest story.” – Robert Macfarlane 





Sunday 13th December: 9am – 1pm

Saturday 9th January: 9am – 1pm

Sunday 24th January: 9am – 1pm

Sunday 7th February: 4pm – 8pm


We’ll be walking and writing over three hours, covering approximately 6km (maybe a little more, maybe a little less) with stops along the way to explore different writing styles, rhythms, exercises and prompts.

You’ll need to wear comfortable clothes, wear sunscreen and bring a hat, a bottle of water, a pen and a notebook. Worksheets and a small snack will be provided. Plus a surprise a two. A backpack would be a fabulous idea.

For the last hour, we’ll head to a cafe or restaurant, have a cuppa (or a wine) and take the opportunity to share some of our writing, get some feedback or just chat, connect and catch up with some fellow creative souls.

We’ll end the walk where we began (at my house – so you can leave your car there) with specific tracks TBA. Will be in the south-west areas of Mosman Park, Fremantle and Cottesloe. Some sessions may require the purchase of a train ticket.


$39 per session.

Each workshop will be held at a different location, so the chance to explore new Perth terrain, expand on and develop your writing practice and meet new, inspiring people will be amplified immensely if you decide to commit to the entire series. Because, adventure!

“Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow.” – Henry David Thoreau


Walking has always played an important role in my creative process and through observation and experimentation, I’ve come to recognise a pattern (you could even call it a formula…) for using walking to inspire and enrich my writing practice. I believe that the best way for me to teach you this, is to walk you through it (mind the pun!) and take you with me, step by step (sorry – another one) as we tap into the power of movement, motion, nature and exploration to clear the channel and fill your creative well.

As well as having a life-long journalling practice, I’m also an author of two best-selling eBooks and an eight-week eCourse that support my work as a coach and creative, I also write poetry and fiction for fun and have been blogging consistently now for almost three years. Writing is deep love of mine and I would love to share some of my insights and personal practices with you.

From William Blake to Stephen Pressfield, Julia Cameron to Cheryl Strayed, Hemingway to Henry Miller, walking has been documented by some of history’s most prolific writers as being a pathway to deeper inspiration, imagination and intuition.

Let’s explore the divine connection between self care and self expression, movement and creativity, walking and writing, together.

“It is good to collect things, but better to go on walks.” – Anatole France




What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Victoria St station on the Fremantle line is just metres from our starting point. There is also some free parking in the area.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

You can contact me over email at claire@thisislifeblood.com

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Absolutely, you are able to transfer your ticket to a friend if unable to make it. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for this event.

Due to the unique nature of this event, spots are VERY limited. Jump in now and buy your ticket below or click here to access the official event page. 



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