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Often, we ask other people the types of questions that we probably need to ask ourselves. Before I have the very first session with a new coaching client, I send them a questionnaire that contains a few ‘getting to know you’ questions. Some are simple to answer, some take a bit more thought. One of these questions is:

What does your perfect day look like?

It is always my favourite answer to read, and I believe, is the most revealing of the lot.

But it wasn’t until I had this illuminating question directed towards me in a written interview just yesterday afternoon, that I realised I hadn’t thought about my answer for some time.

So – after a moment or two of honest reflection – I wrote:

I wake up with the sun after a perfect sleep, just in time for cuddles with my man, before we head to the beach for a run with the dog or some yoga. There’s fresh eggs, spinach and salmon for breakfast before I spend a few hours coaching, writing or creating.

Then, I decide to take the afternoon off and spend it preparing an awesome meal for my best friends and family. We sit outside in the evening, sipping wine and listening to tunes, before feasting and laughing till our bellies are sore. There’s also dark chocolate. Lots of dark chocolate. 🙂

Can you see how this question shines light on what matters most to you? How powerful it is at drawing to the surface what brings you joy? This question provides you just 24hrs to encompass everything that makes your life ‘perfect’, so it is a simple way to re-ground yourself in what is important to you. It’s an easy way to flood yourself with your own unique dose inspiration.


So for me, my day reflects my love of relaxation and sleep (hehe), my man, exercise, the ocean, great food, my work (yep I love it that much!), cooking, friends, family and laughter. Things that yes, make not only my perfect day fabulous, but my whole life fabulous!

Because I’m all for living a big, beautiful life. But I know that life doesn’t always feel perfect.

But, let me remind you that WE have the power to take inspired action, to change things, to shift things up. We DO have the power to fill our days with adventure, with joy and with people/places/things that light us up. You my friend, have that power. And you are worthy of the wonder that it brings.


NOTE: Be open to this exercise being an evolving, ever-changing reflection of where you are at right now in your life. When I first did this exercise a few years ago, my ‘perfect day’ (which was slightly different back then), was nothing like my ‘every day’. But reflecting on what I wrote yesterday, it isn’t far off what my life looks like now. Truly. All it takes is a few conscious decisions and some heart-fuelled tweaking to get started on the adventure that is making your ‘perfect day’ a reality.

 “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

 Eleanor Roosevelt

So. What would your perfect day look like?

These questions might help you get started:

  • Where would you be?
  • Who would be with you?
  • What would you be doing?
  • What wouldn’t you be doing? (and then leave this out!)
  • How would you feel?
  • What steps do you need to take to start making this more of a reality?

I’d LOVE to hear from you now. What does YOUR perfect day look like? Share with me below in the comments – I can’t wait to read your responses! And as always, if you felt enlivened/inspired/smiley whilst reading this post, I’d love for you to share it around using the buttons below. If you’re interested in working with 1:1 me, you can find all the lovely details for coaching here