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I’ve been learning about and exploring the lunar calendar and yin/yang phases recently (more about this soon!) and today, we’re currently in a yin phase. This energy is receptive, inward, reflective, relaxing and feminine. On the flip-side, yang energy is energetic, expanding, active and action-oriented. 

And let me tell you, I’ve never felt this distinction between yin/yang energy more than in the last few days.

Which brings me to explain why I haven’t written today’s post for you. 

One of my best friends Emily and I held our very first Dream, Then Do workshop together in Perth on Sunday (it was the final day of a yang phase – I had ENERGY TO BURN), and it was without a doubt, one of the most intense, electrifying, satisfying, emotional, magnificent moments in my career/life/experience thus far.

Let’s just say it didn’t quite go according to plan. But it couldn’t have been more perfect.

And today, I was going to sit down and tell you aaaallll about it.

But… I just don’t quite have it in me. You know my thoughts on self carewriting and not pushing the creative process, and this yin energy needs to be honoured (with a movie, massage and meditation), so I’m thrilled and grateful to be receiving and sharing Em’s words and thoughts with us today. I’ve added a few little notes along the way in pink (and there’s a special treat for you at the end of the post) and you can find Em’s original post here. Enjoy!


dream then do, perth, claire baker, emily ehlers

dream then do, perth, claire baker, emily ehlers

They say you teach what you most need to learn and this weekend while I was co-hosting my very first workshop – Dream, Then Do with my dear friend Claire Baker – that phrase danced around me. It was part Viennese waltz. Part drunk Uncle twerking to Baby Got Back. Amusing. Hypnotic. Transformative.

Basically, this week I got schooled. My curriculum?

Creativity. Fear. Connection. Resistance. Play. Nature. Feminine Energy. The restorative power of a long deep breath. Movement. Stillness.

These elements (the very topics we were speaking to) all took to the stage in dramatic fashion when – less than an hour before our sold out workshop – we found ourselves without a venue. Or a back up plan. Or shoes. {Claire’s note – aka event nightmare!!!}

Barefooted and faced, we stood on a grimy inner-city street silently staring at each other; both knowing that we were at a fork in the road. We could turn left and let the fear grab us – listen to those whispers that our ego’s were hissing – and cancel the event. Or maybe, just maybe, we could turn right and piss ourselves laughing. Hug each other. Get creative. Make a plan. Push through.

Can you guess which option we took?

I have never been so grateful for a (seemingly) ill-timed lesson than this one. The day was spectacular.

To set the new scene of our divine creative madness – we relocated under the glorious figs of Hyde Park. 23 women in dappled light completely open and ready to sink their teeth into some big dreams. And I mean big – world domination via yoga was very seriously discussed.

There was confetti and glitter. Intentions and laughter. And maybe a few sneaky tears.

dream then do, perth, claire baker, emily ehlers

dream then do, perth, claire baker, emily ehlers

dream then do, perth, claire baker, emily ehlers

perth, claire baker, dream then do, emily ehlers

dream then do, perth, claire baker, emily ehlers

perth, claire baker, dream then do, emily ehlers

Claire and I both honed our experience as coaches and – more importantly – as women and led some deep discussions into our dreamscaping and unique creative processes.  Founded in friendship and intimate connection we spoke to each others rituals, movement and ideas.

We dove into some journaling exercises – devoting some much needed time into self-enquiry. Ladies, if you are reading this – your self care is a damn necessity. It is not optional. That was the takeaway message of the day.

dream then do, perth, workshop, claire baker, emily ehlers


dream then do, perth, workshop, claire baker, emily ehlers

perth, claire baker, dream then do, emily ehlers perth, claire baker, dream then do, emily ehlers

There was Sacral Chakra Yoga Dance. If you haven’t heard of it – don’t feel out of the loop – it’s not technically a style of dance. Yes in broad daylight we were bravely shaking our tail feathers and wiggling our hips as people walked their dogs past, giggling.

{Claire’s note – *ahem* Emily, it is totally a style of dance! Even if I did make it up. Haha. Read to the bottom to get your own hit of “Sacral Chakra Yoga Dance”}

IMG_3213-1024x683 dream then do, perth, claire baker, emily ehlers

I enjoyed the hell out of running through my favorite deep-breathing exercises . These babies blend movement and stillness. They have been integral in helping me overcome my anxiety.

Partner exercises and group coaching had women lit up and connected. On a personal note this ranked highly with my favourite moments of the day. Watching women – that just hours before had never even met – pouring their hearts out and quite literally supporting each other was utterly magical. {Claire’s note – OMG yes, yes, yes! My favourite part too. Just amazing.}

Popular media can paint the landscape with words like bitchy and cat-fight all they damn want – this is the real stuff. The actual way women innately react to one another when they are not pegged against each other is stunning.

dream_03 dream_19 dream_33

Yes – there was face-painting. Because fun. Inner children were released brandishing love hearts, stars, butterfly masks and goddess warpaint.

{Claire’s note – I love that “back in the day” I used to take illicit drugs and paint my friend’s faces at music festivals, and now I get to do it while eating organic food, doing yoga and hanging with the bunch of beautiful, brave babes on a Sunday. YES.”

We consumed some gob-smackingly delicious raw fare from the Little Shop of Plenty (i’m talking fudges, superfood salad and puddings) and a revitalising cold-pressed organic juice from The Juicist.

claire baker, emily ehlers, dream then do, perth, workshop

Our gifts bags honoured the creative spirit of the day as well as taking into account our environmental impact. Upcycled music note envelopes anyone? Massive thanks to our friends at Raspberry Stripes Magazine and my mentor and personal trainer Janine Farrow from My Favorite Day for their generous contributions. {Claire’s note – Lovely Janine is my personal trainer too! 🙂 }


Fair to say we both poured our heart into this workshop. Founded on our incredible friendship and our investment in our own (and each others) dreams we created steps that we have both used, developed and nutted out over the 2 years we have known each other. It has been a massive exciting hint into the future.

I have to say that facilitating, absorbing and participating in this day ranks pretty damn highly in my career highlights to date. I am epically grateful to the women that showed up (in every sense of the word) and ran with the true intent of the day.

Thank you!

Also gigantic thanks to our ridiculously talented photographer for the day Hannah from Keeper Creative. No better example of a woman rocking their creativity and dream life! Go check her stuff here.

{Claire’s note – Amen to all of the above, sista!}

 Some of the beautiful feedback on the day so far…

“Such a safe space to let go, be creative and get back in touch with what it is that makes us tick as wonderful humans.”

“It was a fun afternoon, the dancing, the material, the food, the company, everything was great!”

“I really enjoyed the afternoon and got a heap from it. It served to shake me up a bit!”

“Take me back to warm Sunday sunshine, beautiful souls and creation galore.”

“I may or may not have walked down the street with a blue flower on one cheek and a solar plexus chakra on the other and wondered why people were looking at me strangely. All in the name of creativity!” 

We have been inundated with inquiries of another workshop and we are currently scouting out our calendars to see when/if this may squeeze in. To stay in the know for our future events please jump aboard my newsletter list for first news on the next date.  

{Claire’s note – Aussie East Coast, I’m coming!! Let’s play. Brisbane is locked in for the 26th April, more dates TBA. 2015 = many more days like this!}

dream then do, perth, claire baker, emily ehlers, workshop


Alright, Claire here again. So now my special gift to you, because I love you and want to Sacral Chakra Yoga Dance with you too!

You can download the music/dance tracks from the day here and here or play below.


The first one is more yoga and sensual movement, moving into a super sweet Beyoncé track (there was a routine on the day, who knows, maybe I’ll have to film a step-by-step video for you guys!!) and the second track is a 15min mix of some feminine, fun, sexy and soft music to let your hair down too. And I mean that literally – pull out those ponytails, strip down to your bra and knickers, turn it UP and feeeeeeeel your sweet way into the tunes.

I cannot cannot wait to hear what you think of these!!! Dancing is one of my favourite ways to unwind, to feel creative, embodied, sexy and free. So enjoy, my friend.

Now, I want to hear from you.

How do you adapt to seemingly nightmare situations and find the gold beneath the surface? What does your relationship between creativity and self care look like? Are you craving more feminine connection like this in your life?! I wanna know!

Big love, always! Feel free to share this one around. Heaven knows we could all do with a little more confetti and Queen B in our lives.

Claire x (And thanks again to Em for her borrowed words today!)


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