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If you’ve been hanging out here for a little while, you’ll know that I’ve been promising a series on MONEY before the end of the year. I’m really, really excited to share my ‘money story’ with you (it goes something like this: crap with money and in loads of debt to Budgeting Queen with an actual savings account in a relatively short space of time). 

But, it just ain’t coming together.

And believe me, I’ve seriously dedicated real time to it; I have pages upon pages of scrawled notes, Post-Its in books I want to reference, about 1500 words in a Pages doc and a draft blog post in WordPress, with a pretty image and all.

But, it just ain’t coming together. 

And I’ve been banging my head against the wall about it! I’ve scheduled ‘Money Post #1’, ‘Money Post #2’ and ‘Money Post #3’ in my editorial calendar and got a little freaked out yesterday when I realised I probably wouldn’t have a post together this week for you.

And then yesterday, in a coaching call with a client (because, you know, we teach what we most need to learn), I heard myself say the words….

“Write WHAT you want to write. Write HOW you want to write. Forget what everyone else does; how they structure their posts, what their content is and who it’s directed to. 

We need to respect our own creative impulses and honour the way WE work. Supporting and trusting our own innate creative process will allow the words to flow, rather than building brick walls with what you THINK you should be writing and how you THINK you should be writing it.”

Holy moly. That’s a gem-and-a-half, that is. So I asked myself: What do I want to write? 

And this week, instead of writing about money, I want to tell you about a recent realisation I had about idolisation, creativity and innovation.

I shared my current mantra on Instagram this morning and it seemed to hit home in a few hearts:

“I commit to elevating myself out of idolisation of others by trusting my own creative and innovative nature.”

Yeah, baby. Reflecting on this year over email with my mentor Rach (we just wrapped up 12 beautiful, transformative months of working together), I shared that my biggest lesson from 2014 has been that when I found myself idolising those who were doing great things in the world (and ultimately, comparing myself with them), I felt stifled and uncertain about my own creative ability.

I’d follow formulas, systems and structures, rather than trusting myself to innovate – not duplicate.

BUT when I commit to elevating myself out of that mindset by respecting my creative tendencies (as sporadic as they may be), getting still, getting sweaty, celebrating the wins of my peers and knowing – on a truly deep level – that what I desire, is already within me… Well, that’s game-changing.

As Oprah herself says: ‘the voices of the world will drown out that inner voice.’ So, turn them down. That’s the key to creative ignition. 

How can we tap into this authentic, innovative energy?

+ If (like my aforementioned client), you’re a long-winded writer and find it hard to keep it succinct; waffle on.

+ If you vibrate with creative energy in the mornings, structure your day so your creativity has room to play in the AM.

+ If you can’t stand reading or writing ‘How To’ posts, don’t write ’em. Don’t read ’em. Let me repeat: Write what you want to write. 

+ If music gets your booty moving, turn that shit up.

+ If you want to share more intimate stories and personality, do it. If you don’t, don’t.

+ If thinking about your ‘ideal reader’ is turning you batty, just write for YOU.

+ If movement brings ze inspiration to the surface – sweat, baby, sweat. Erry damn day.

AND: Switch off. Unsubscribe. Unfollow. Blogs and books are brilliant (obvs), but you’ve got all the answers inside yourself. Believe me.

To wrap it up, as Danielle La Porte would say: ‘worship your precious impulses’.

Phew. That feels superb to get out. And hey, this money series will come to fruition when she’s ready. Until then, tell me: how can you elevate yourself out of the idolisation of others and OWN your own creative tendencies?

If you’ve got some wacky ways you work and write – I’d love to know!

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