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You know that feeling you get when two of your most loved things come together in a way you had never previously imagined possible? Like when I discovered the amazingness of vegemite and avocado on toast or first listened to The Black Keys’ (one of my fave rock bands) awesome rap/hip hop side project. Fashion label Gorman collaborating with my girl crush designer Rachel Castle would be another stellar example. Picking up what I’m putting down?

Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I first heard my friend and yoga visionary/creative renegade Lacey Haynes from The Yoga Emporium chat about the ancient connection between yoga and creativity.

But of course! I already felt the effect my yoga practice had on my writing on a deep level. I knew how abundant with space and creative energy I felt after a class. Handstands and headstands against the wall are one of my favourite ways to shake the words from my body when I’m feeling ultra-stifled at my desk.

So, being a curious little soul, I attended Lacey’s workshops here in Perth last September that focussed on this epic relationship between yoga and creativity. The combination and exploration of creative practice – singing, dancing, writing and drawing – combined with asanas (yoga positions/poses), was magical. It was playful. It felt totally awkward and silly at times (singing to a bunch of strangers will do that to you!) and completely liberating, freeing and indulgent at others. Check me out getting my creative yogi on…


I loved it. I wanted more. I started using the exercises at home and the writing activities have become some of my favourite ways to put pen to paper. I’ve also become far less attached to the outcome of any creative project I’m engaged in and just enjoying the process for what it is. Best of all, I am definitely more mindful now of the incredible possibilities my yoga practice holds in my creative world.


So, what does this all mean for you gorgeous? Well, here’s the exciting bit! I present to you…

Yoga and Creativity: The eBook

Lacey has bundled up her passion, curiosity and expert understanding (as a yoga teacher, writer and intuitive healer – as well as an all round fabulous human), of this powerful connection in an eBook that takes you deep into the depths of your own boundless creative world, through the practice of yoga.

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In one word, this eBook is an adventure. In two words, an epic journey. Lacey walks you step by step through yoga asanas, creative exercises and pays particular attention to chakras, mantras, mindfulness and creating inspiring intentions. I love that you can choose how you tackle the book with the options of a four week program, ‘here and there’ or a full day intensive. Plus, the design is ridiculously gorgeous! Clear communication, colourful and seriously hip. Yoga just got trendy y’all!

Know this. While this eBook promises to strengthen your relationship with both your own creative and yogic practice, what it really delivers (and I mean this with utmost sincerity), is a pathway to the potential for your own peace of mind, freedom, happiness and joy.

Which are, of course, the true gems of engaging in self expression and exploration with a curious, open heart.

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One of my favourite snippets from the book explains…

“You’ll come to see, and perhaps already have discovered, that the practice of yoga makes you feel boundless. Worries and anxieties drop away as you become more thoughtful and more able to clearly express yourself. Therein lies our world of exploration. At this intersection, where that sense of freedom bubbles away, is where you’ll discover a wealth of creativity that can’t come from anywhere else but within.”

Aahhhhh… Delightful. If the ‘intersection’ of yoga and creativity is something you have pondered, experienced or the concept simply draws you in, do yourself a favour and snap up a copy of this rad eBook here*. You’ll seriously dig it. For more on Lacey and The Yoga Emporium, you can find a stellar interview she gave for us just over here.

Let’s start a conversation in the comments; have you felt the connection between yoga and creativity? How do you choose to honour it?

*This is an affiliate link – supporting and sharing the things and people I believe in, always!

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